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Control Charts for IT Improvement

Six sigma is a pretty big topic to tackle, so I thought it might be best to handle it...

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Leaving Room for Mystery in Measurement

Question: Who is the most annoying person in the world? Answer: Possibly a cocksure IT metrics ideologue. When you...

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Data Quality for Dummies

Our experts have seen quite a bit of “hullaballoo” around Data Quality in the BI community that eventually stirs...

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The Resolution for Resolution Time Heada

You would think I could find something more interesting to talk about than resolution time, but… I drone on. To...

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Managing IT Groups Like Your Stock Portf

Reading an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day, I noticed an interesting graph focusing on industry/sector performance for...

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Benchmarking vs. Baselining

This is a pretty big nut I’m cracking today. There are entire books dedicated to the topic.  So, as always, I’d like...

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