Northcraft Analytics provides business intelligence applications for IT. ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC Remedy ITSM, IBM Netcool and more.

SingularIT -- The Only Installable CIO Dashboard.,BI Applications for IT.,No BI Development... Ever.,Use the Data Viz Tools You Already Know.,Measure Performance in Minutes... Not Months.

360 Degree View of IT for Executives.,Why build from scratch when you can buy?,Why? Because we're doing it for you.,Tableau - Excel - PowerBI - SharePoint and more.,Create Powerful Insights Immediately.

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BI Applications for IT.

Our BI Applications provide a wide array of benefits outlined here:

360 Degree View of IT

Unlike embedded BI point solutions, our out of the box BI Applications help you combine information from disparate enterprise applications in heterogeneous IT environments with solutions for ServiceNow™, SolarWinds™, IBM Netcool™, Cisco UCCE™, BMC Remedy ITSM™ and more to help you uncover root cause and discover true business impact to your organization.

Unlimited Users

We charge by the process area, not user, so you can deploy and achieve value incrementally.


Why? Our BI applications include everything you need: Pre-built Key Performance Indicators, Calculations, Dashboards, ETL, Data Warehouse, and Multi-Dimensional Cubes.

Presentation Layer Independent

Use your BI tool of choice such as Excel™ , Tableau™, PowerBI™ , SharePoint™, Microstrategy™ and more

BIaaS or On-Premises

Deploy on-premises to take advantage of your existing Microsoft license agreements. Or, move to the cloud, leveraging our powerful Amazon EC2™ environment.

Unmatched Service

Unlike our competitors, our service agreement includes the ability to request additional KPIs, measures and new attributes to your Northcraft BI Application on-demand. This is unique in the industry and eliminates one of the most expensive forms of IT labor costs -- BI Development.

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