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Complete Analytical Application for Asset and Configuration Management

Food for Thought:

  • What if you could trend and drill-down on Service Target breaches for your critical business services and the related critical Infrastructure impacted from Atrium CMDB in a single report?
  • What if you could see historical data quality for critical attributes in the CMDB associated with service-impacting IT infrastructure, such as serial number, risk, and location to effectively govern and measure risk?  And to present compelling and pertinent visuals to auditors and IT executives?
  • Can you prove that the SLAs you set are working as planned?
  • Wouldn’t you like your process analysts to be able to use tools they already know, such as PowerBI and Tableau, without being restrained by lack of ETL knowledge, data mining techniques and advanced statistical methods?
  • Looking for a vendor who can provide you with a broader and deeper view of IT than you ever thought possible?  Looking for SingularIT?


Northcraft Analytics is dedicated to putting robust complete analytical applications and methodologies in the hands of IT management.

To succeed, every function in an organization must establish business goals with specific, measurable target metrics. This is no different for the IT Department. Well-designed metrics serve both as an indicator of progress for management and as a clear prescription for action by front-line IT staff. In order to effectively manage IT infrastructure, a strategic use of metrics is imperative.

Northcraft’s Advanced Metrics for IT Service Management suite places the analytical platform that is available to other critical operational departments in the hands of IT managers. Each of our modules, designed specifically for one of the core IT processes, presents a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators and a suite of standard reports designed to quickly discover the root causes of performance, or lack thereof. The solution also provides an interface for building ad-hoc reports directly in your web browser or in Microsoft Excel™, delivering the most robust set of business intelligence metrics available for IT Service Management.

Move from implementation to value immediately. With the metrics that define IT Service success, managers can immediately target gains.

Each component of the analytics suite is geared toward uncovering value immediately. Dashboards identify problem areas and trends. The Standard Reporting Suite brings the root causes of performance to the surface. The Excel or web-based reporting environment provides the means for simple deeper analysis. The integration with BMC Helix allows for immediate action on critical items. The end result is an environment where managers can move from idea to value in minutes.

What’s Included:

  • Platform Portability – Northcraft provides solutions for market-leading enterprise IT applications.  This is fundamental to our strategy in preventing vendor lock, both from the data visualization provider and the IT vendor.  As long as you’re current on your maintenance or subscription bill, you are free to switch underlying data sources for a fixed 5 day services fee.  For example, you can keep your Northcraft BI solution in place if you switch from BMC Helix™ to ServiceNow™.
  • Complete Analytical Application with pre-built ETL, Intelligent Data Lake and Multi-dimensional Cubes – We deliver IT Analytics as a solution built upon Microsoft™ BI in the cloud (EC2 or Azure) or on-premises.  Our solution will then be configured to your specific application deployment’s settings and customization.  With implementation effort at only 3-5 days per process area, we’re done before most projects get started.  We provide over 100 pre-calculated Measures and Key Performance Indicators for each process area within the ITIL Service Support, Delivery, Transition & Operations processes that are designed to be external and accurate.
  • True Self-Service BI – This phrase will probably raise a few eyebrows due to all of the buzz around self-service BI, so let’s be explicit: No need to write ETL, Calculations, Joins, SQL, Scripting.  Nothing.  Your users will immediately be able to drag and drop what they need into a report/dashboard/visualization to unlock the potential of your analysts.
  • Packaged SingularIT™ Content – Northcraft is the only provider of an installable CIO Dashboard, providing you with a 360 Degree View of IT.  Along with our fully configurable CIO Dashboard, we provide a wealth of content in reports and dashboards for each process area, available for both PowerBI and Tableau upon installation.  Feel free to test drive some of our free sample content in the PowerBI store today.
  • Maintenance or Subscription Plan – With our generous standard support offering, we include 5 changes per process area per year, as well as optional plans for paginated reporting, 24X7 SLAs and more.  In essence, we offer everything from basic operational support to fully managed reporting services to complement our product offering.
  • Fit In Your Enterprise Architecture – Because we’re built on Microsoft BI, cloud or on-premises, you can leverage a proven solution that has been deployed universally, scales immensely and works with your existing visualization tools, such as Tableau, PowerBI, Microstrategy and more. You can also rip out those complex and expensive proprietary embedded BI solutions that provide little information, a great deal of training, and no real value.

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