State of the IT Service Management Market, 2011, Redux

15 Dec, 2016

This is not the latest State of the ITSM Market Research, please see version 4 by clicking on the Blog link above.

State of the IT Service Management Market, 2011, Redux

Since this has been such a popular topic, we thought we’d re-issue our research with some clarifications, updates and additional thoughts. If you’ve participated in the blog on our website… we really appreciate it. This has spurred some excellent and needed discussion on this topic! Of course, there is a great deal of bias around this topic due to the product-oriented nature of the research.

BMC is #1 in the market with 38.6% market share (Includes BMC Remedy ITSM and Custom applications, Service Desk Express, RemedyForce and BMC Remedy on Demand), HP Service Manager is #2 at a little over 20%, CA Service Desk Manager is #3 at 7.2% (Source is Gartner MQ 2011 on this market share information), IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager is @4% and Service-Now (first major ITSM Software as a Service-only offering – SaaS) is @3%, but growing the most quickly.

In terms of ranking, we would rank the vendors using these criteria:Interface, Architecture, Functionality and Price (list pricing, because any vendor offers special discounts based on a wide range of criteria). Also, you should really go into depth on each module (Incident, Change, CMDB, Release, etc…, because the devil is definitely in the details). For example, you could argue that Incident Management is a commodity application at this point, but CMDB definitely is not (in terms of functionality and architecture). So, even though we’re about to generalize, it’s a generalization across all of the ITSM modules. So, this would be more of an enterprise ITSM tool ranking (in our opinion)… in order of market share:

– BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6.4 – Functionality #2, Architecture #1, Pricing #4, Interface #2, Sales Team #4, Implementation Community #1

– HP Service Manager 9.2 – Functionality #1, Architecture #4, Pricing #5, Interface #4, Sales Team #2, Implementation Community #2

– CA Service Desk Manager 12.5 – Functionality #3, Architecture #5, Pricing #2, Interface #5, Sales Team #3, Implementation Community #5

– BMC Service Desk Express 10.1 – Functionality #5, Architecture #3, Pricing #1, Interface #3, Sales Team #4, Implementation Community #4

– Service-Now 11.5 – Functionality #4, Architecture, #2, Pricing #3, Interface #1, Sales Team #1, Implementation Community #3

Additional remarks, thoughts and comments based on blog discussion:

– IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager has now moved from 4th – 5th in the market due to Service-Now’s momentum.

– Numara remains a key player in the SMB space, but the SMB space isn’t being covered with this research. This is more geared towards Fortune 500 ITSM.

– Service-Now has now surpassed CA to become #3 in this market as they have recently hit $120 million in recurring revenue.

– Remedyforce is built on, therefore it is built on arguably the best SaaS application architecture available. So, it is a native SaaS architecture, opposed to popular opinion. Many customers have confused this offering with BMC Remedy on Demand which still leverages the AR System architecture. Remedyforce currently has limited functionality with Incident Management, Self-Service, limited Knowledge Management (no NLS) and limited configuration management. BMC Remedy on Demand has the characteristics rated above, but is offered in a SaaS model.

– ICCM is a promising new platform that leverages a native Business Process Management engine (Metastorm). While ICCM’s presence is limited, BPM engines do give customers unprecedented flexibility in automating unique processes outside of IT.

– ITRP is a new native SaaS offering that is positioned as serious and packaged ITSM. They have purposefully taken the opposite approach as ICCM as an application that isn’t designed to be customized, but leverages best practices. The interface is truly excellent. So, for those customers looking for a packaged ITSM application with robust functionality, a superb user interface and a simple SaaS licensing model, ITRP is worth considering.

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