Metric of the Month – March

15 Dec, 2016

Well, we decided to go with a simpler metric this month.  There was some discussion amongst the Northcrafters about whether or not we should go with “Unauthorized Changes”… but there are too many ways to define unauthorized changes, so the blog would have been a little too long… and a little too boring (for most!).  So… the metric of the month for March is…


Percentage of Changes On-Time


Purpose:  This metric evaluates the effectiveness of the change management function by measuring the ability to implement changes within the times specified.

External?  This is, unfortunately, many times an internal metric.  Since Actual implementation date and scheduled implementation date are typically manually entered, this metric is a bit exposed to bias.  However, of course, there are ways to manage this with proper customized workflow.

Context:  This metric is most important for critical business services (and their related physical configuration items)

Specific?  Yes.

Objective?  Yes, provided that the dates are protected from biased influence.

1.1.1          Formula

Changes Completed On-Time/Changes Completed or Past Due

1.1.2          Component measures         Changes Completed on Time

Any change where Actual End Date < Scheduled End Date         Changes Completed or Past Due

Any change where one or more of the two conditions is met:

  • Actual End Date > Scheduled End Date
  • Change request status is Completed, Closed, or Cancelled