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Top 5% of Incidents by Subcategory

Last modified: June 28, 2019
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Top 5% of Incidents by Subcategory

In this article, we will show a method to sort by the top percentage with a pie chart We use Power BI Report Builder, which you can download here. It is free and utilizes cloud databases.

To complete this report, you can watch this video from our YouTube channel:

Or you can follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin, select the ‘Chart Wizard’ option

Step 2: Select the ‘Next >’ button

Step 3: Select the ‘New…’ button

Step 4: Select the dropdown arrow under ‘Select connection type:’

Step 5: We’ll select the ‘Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services’ option

Step 6: Now select the ‘Build…’ button

Step 7: Select the text field under ‘Server name:’ and type in your SaaS server name (ex:

Step 8: Now select the dropdown arrow under ‘Select or enter a database name:’

Step 9: Now select a database with an incident management cube. We’ll use our ‘AMITSM – Service Now – PublicDemo’ multidimensional database (MDB)

Step 10: Select the ‘OK’ button

Step 11: Select ‘OK’ again

Step 12: Now select the ‘Next >’ button

Step 13: To begin the query process, type in ‘subcategory’ to the search bar, then drag the ‘Subcategory’ field over into the main query area on the right

Step 14: After deleting the last query, type ‘incidents closed’ into the search field, then drag the ‘Subcategory’ field over into the main query area on the right

Step 15: Select the ‘Next >’ button

Pie Chart

Step 16: Select the ‘Pie’ option so we can make a pie chart

Step 17: Select the ‘Next >’ button

Step 18: Click and hold on the ‘Incidents_Closed’ field

Step 19: Then drag it over into the ‘Values’ section

Step 20: Now click and hold on the ‘Subcategory’ field

Step 21: Then drag it over to the ‘Categories’ section

Step 22: Select the ‘Next >’ button

Step 23: Now select the ‘Finish >>’ button

Step 24: Select the ‘Run’ button to check on the pie chart

Step 25: We can see the chart is a mess right now, and it doesn’t show any useful data.

Step 26: Select the design button to continue working on the chart

Step 27: Select the pie chart area to make some edits

Step 28: Now right click on the chart area

Step 29: Select ‘Show Data Labels…’

Step 30: Right click on one of the data labels

Step 31: Select ‘Series Label Properties…’

Step 32: Select the text box under ‘Label data:’ and type in ‘#PERCENT’

Step 33: Select the ‘OK’ button

Step 34: Select the ‘Run’ button to see how the chart looks now

Step 35: The chart looks messed up still because it has too many fields

Step 36: Select the ‘Design’ button to add some filtering to the chart

Step 37: To add the filter, we need to have the ‘Properties tab’ open. I already have it open here, but it’s not open by default. To do so, select the ‘View’ tab at the top of the page

Step 38: Select the checkbox next to the ‘Properties’ option to open the tab

Step 39: Select the ‘Home’ tab at the top of the page

Step 40: In the ‘Properties’ tab, select the dropdown for ‘CustomAttributes’ under ‘General’

Step 41: Select the field next to ‘CustomAttributes’ 

Step 42: Select the ‘SingleSlice’ option

Step 43: Select the next field under. This is where we can change the top percentage of Cis presented. We’ll stick with 5% here

Step 44: Now select the text field so we can add an appropriate title. We’ll use ‘Top 5% of Incidents by Subcategory’

Step 45: Select the ‘Run’ button so we can see the finished product

Step 46: So now the chart is finished, we can see only the top 5% of incidents


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