Northcraft Analytics provides business intelligence applications for IT. ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC Remedy ITSM, IBM Netcool and more.

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SingularIT - The Northcraft Analytics Vision

Headquartered in Atlanta,Ga., Northcraft Analytics is the only provider of an Installable CIO Dashboard, SingularIT. We offer a broad suite of Microsoft-Based, Packaged Analytical applications for IT Service and Operations Management, including coverage for a vast array of subject matter areas and disciplines within IT.
Our vision is to provide complete, out of the box analytical solutions for all the industry-leading solutions for IT automation with platform portability for our customers. In other words, if you replace one of your IT  applications, you can keep your reporting, dashboards and critical measurements.

We’re proud to have been recognized by Gartner Group in 2014 & 2015 as one of the top-rated solutions for Business Value dashboards, thanks to SingularIT, Northcraft Analytics has experienced exponential growth since 2011,with a bright future delighting customers in the Enterprise IT Operations marketplace.

Our solutions are unique in that they require no BI development or installation services fees whatsoever, which is backed up by the most comprehensive maintenance & support package in the industry.

We pride ourselves on thought leadership and customer service.

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Fortune 1000 customers
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IT Service Analytics

When we’re audited for compliance, we prefer to use the solution the auditors are using themselves.

Sr. Director, IT Service Analytics

IT Service Automation

When we switched from BMC Remedy to ServiceNow, it took several months. The reporting transition with Northcraft took a few weeks.

Sr. Manager, IT Service Automation

Production Operations

With the previous solution, I could click the run report button, go down 10 floors, grab a cup of coffee, come back and the report that I needed most might have completed. With fewer virtual resources running Northcraft, I get nearly instantaneous reports.

Sr. Director, Production Operations