Northcraft Analytics provides business intelligence applications for IT. ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC Remedy ITSM, IBM Netcool and more.

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Meet SingularIT, The Only Installable CIO Dasboard.

About SingularIT

Northcraft Analytics offers a a suite of powerful BI applications for IT that empower everyday users to easily access data and build business dashboards and reports in minutes, all without help from a BI expert. Implementation is fast and allows unlimited users to connect to a multitude data sources in pre-built applications for dozens of enterprise applications to instantly visualize and explore information. With Northcraft Analytics and SingularIT, users and management get:

  • A true 360 Degree View of IT with 15+ Microsoft-Based Business Intelligence Applications across IT Service & Operations Management, including ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC, Amazon EC2, JIRA and more!
  • A Legitimate Single Pane of Glass For Enterprise IT. How Many Years Has This Been Promised By Vendors?
  • Quick Implementation – The Only Installable Multi Data Source CIO Dashboard, Period.
  • Unlimited User Licensing – No Headaches
  • True Self-Service BI – Over 3,000 Pre-Calculated Measures and KPIs Out of the Box with no knowledge of .MDX, SQL, .DAX, or proprietary scripting languages needed.
  • NO BI Development – Out of Box Analytical Applications include the pre-builtData Warehouse, Cubes and ETL.  Maintenance/Subscription covers changes.
  • Real-time, streaming and Analytical capability – Incredible query and report performance due to our HOLAP architecture.
  • Based on Proven BI Technology from Microsoft – Forget the embedded BI toys that cost more and do less  Test drive one of our hundreds of pre-built analytical content widgets in the Microsoft store, right Now.

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