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DIY vs. BYOBI -- Hard Cost Savings

Northcraft Return on Investment

What is the Northcraft Pricing Methodology?

Our goal is to help you build out a coherent, credible and comprehensive CIO Dashboard across Enterprise IT, represented in our SingularIT vision.  This can be done one step at a time, allowing you to gain support with stakeholders along the way in key sponsorship positions.  We understand that large organizations may be unwilling to take on the risk of a massive “boil the ocean”, single-phase implementation approach for information that is critical to executives and highly visible.  With that in mind, Northcraft provides a modular pricing approach that allows you to gain credibility one step or subject matter area at a time within the supportive IT organization.  This is because all of the necessary questions around data quality, performance, scalability, integration, security must be addressed before there can be a necessary comfort level to achieve this vision.

Cost of Internal or DIY Build?

We are not going to pretend to know the exact cost of all the resources required to build a solution close to what Northcraft is capable of in every environment. We can, however, provide as much information as possible based on the current job market and infrastructure costs. Check out the information below as well as our ROI document below to figure out what it will cost you to go DIY.

BI Developer Salaries and Costs:

Average Costs for US Based BI Developers, Analysts, and Project Managers based on current market data.

BI Asset (US Based)Avg. Yearly CostAvg. Hourly Cost
ETL Developer $108,578.00 $52.20
SSAS Developer $103,846.00 $49.93
Data Lake Designer $92,000.00 $44.23
Data Architect $140,000.00 $67.31
Project Manager $75,474.00 $36.29
IT Business Analyst $114,949.00 $55.26

ROI Calculator

Want an estimate to see what doing this yourself vs. using Northcraft will cost? Download the spreadsheet below for an estimate. If you’d like us to help you walk through it feel free to reach out! We are happy to help, no strings attached. Simply go to the Contact Us page.