Service Support Benchmark

01 Dec, 2016

service2In the Service Support Benchmark, we’ll spend several days with a process area (and team) analyzing your IT performance in detail that will use information gathered from the Northcraft Analytics platform. We’ll be leveraging the expertise of individuals who have spent no less than 10 years in information technology, have mastered multiple technical and process disciplines and can help you align an improvement strategy based on their tactical findings.

service2-2Basically, here’s what we’ll accomplish:

  • Install our platform technology (no licensing or maintenance costs)
  • Install the modules for the process areas you would like visibility into (Change Management, Configuration Management,Incident Management, etc…)
  • Create a series of reports against all metrics for the process area
  • Foundational ITIL Assesment – This robust ITIL assesment is helpful for use in conjunction with the detailed metric findings. ITIL V2 and V3 processes are both supported in the assessment. Our assessments take into consideration the practical experience we’ve gathered over the years, so there’s nothing cookie-cutter about them.
  • Guidance on establishing a Continual Service Improvement Initiative – The level of information will give you the perfect starting point for measuring and improving IT.
  • Highlight standard Key Performance Indicators vs. potential KPIs for your organization
  • Run YoY Comparisons and Quarterly trends – If your ITSM system allows for it.