Northcraft Analytics provides business intelligence applications for IT. ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC Remedy ITSM, IBM Netcool and more.

Event Horizon Predictive Analytics

Event Horizon is Northcraft’s packaged, configurable predictive analytics offering that pulls data from our existing analytical apps for Enterprise IT into live data mining models that continuously provide new insights as they become available, with publishing capability to Microsoft PowerBI .  Event Horizon is only available with Northcraft’s Unlimited Pricing Package and above (see pricing menu above for details).

With Event Horizon, you’ll be able to:

  • Predict Critical Incidents and Events on Discrete Hosts and Applications within a 1 day window with 20-90% accuracy*
  • Drive More Value from your existing Enterprise Applications for IT, like JIRA, ServiceNow, BMC, Amazon, SolarWinds and more with out of the box solutions, not mere connectors.
  • Reduce BI Labor Costs – Data Scientists are more expensive than Java Programmers, particularly the best.  Northcraft Analytics has more than 900 Person-Years of BI Development packaged in our solutions.
  • Avoid Massive Services Projects Built Upon Vague Promises and Hype – No Installation Services Fees Ever.  Check Pricing Menu for Details.
  • True Self-Service Predictive Analytics – Over 4,000 Pre-Calculated Measures and KPIs Out of the Box with no knowledge of .MDX, SQL, .DAX, .DMX or proprietary scripting languages needed.
  • Leverage Existing Microsoft Investment – Use Your SQL Server Licenses in Your Own Data Center, Azure, Amazon EC2 Cloud OR Our Azure Instances (Single Tenant for Each Customer).
  • Learn Data Science & Algorithmic IT for future improved decision making capbility quickly and accuratelyAfter the installation of our first packaged data mining model using our configurable algorithm for predictive configuration management, learn how you can apply more than 50+ from Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio with pre-cleansed data from Northcraft apps.
  • Market Leading BI Platform – Forget the embedded BI toys that cost more and do less  Test drive one of our hundreds of pre-built analytical content widgets in the Microsoft store, right Now.
*Depends on Northcraft Module Deployment Landscape.
**Included only with Unlimited and Unlimited Plus offerings.

About Northcraft Analytics:

Northcraft offers a suite of analyst-recognized analytical applications that comprise SingularIT, our installable CIO dashboard.  Our complete analytical applications are available for a variety of enterprise applications, including ServiceNow, Amazon EC2, JIRA, Office 365, BMC Remedy and more!  For a complete list, see the Applications menu above.


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