Northcraft Analytics provides business intelligence applications for IT. ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC Remedy ITSM, IBM Netcool and more.

SingularIT, The Installable CIO Dashboard

About Northcraft

Northcraft offers a suite of analyst-recognized analytical applications that comprise SingularIT, our installable CIO dashboard. Implementation is fast, included in the price and allows unlimited users to analyze data from a multitude of pre-built solutions for dozens of enterprise applications using data visualization tools they already know and love. With Northcraft Analytics and SingularIT, analysts and management receive:

  • SingularIT is an Installable CIO Dashboard Spanning our 25+ Pre-Built Analytical Applications For Enterprise IT, including ServiceNow, JIRA, SolarWinds, Office 365, BMC, Amazon EC2, JIRA and more!
  • As a native Microsoft solution, we are fully integrated with Microsoft Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL, On-Premise SQL Server, SnowFlake and AtScale.
  • Pre-Built Content – Hundreds of Pre-Built Visualizations, Operational and Strategic Dashboards and reports out of the box for Tableau and PowerBI.
  • NO BI Development* – Analytical Applications include the pre-built Microsoft Data Lake, Warehouse, Multi-Dimensional Cubes, and ETL.
  • True Self-Service BI* – Over 5,000 Canned Measures and KPIs Out of the Box with no knowledge of .MDX, SQL, .DAX, or proprietary scripting languages needed.
  • Leverage Existing Microsoft Investment – Use Your Existing Agreement to Deploy in On-Premises, Azure, Amazon EC2 Cloud or Google.
  • Canned Predictive Analytics* – Predict Critical Incidents & Events on IT Infrastructure with defined probability ranges, that increase based on the amount of data sources you leverage from Northcraft.  Or, leverage Azure Machine Learning Studio with it’s native integration to Northcraft solutions to build mining models through Microsoft’s canned algorithms and graphical workflow engine for data science.
  • Market Leading BI Platform – Forget the embedded BI toys that cost more and do less  Test drive one of our hundreds of pre-built analytical content widgets in the Microsoft store, right Now.
*Included only with certain pricing plans.

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