Northcraft Analytics provides business intelligence applications for IT. ServiceNow, SolarWinds, BMC Remedy ITSM, IBM Netcool and more.

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Bomgar ™ Advanced Analytics

  • Pre-defined Analytical App for easy access from your existing visualization tools, such as PowerBI and Tableau.
  • Rapid creation of reports containing statistical information, such as average session length abandonment rate and average queue time, rather than combing through .XML files.
  • Gives you the ability to perform in-depth analysis of your Key Performance Indicators for massive volumes of interactions in Bomgar.

Answers questions, such as:

What is the session wait time, handle time and total duration?

Which team handled the most sessions, and what was the average handle time?

How many issues were resolved by which team?

How many sessions did this team or representative handle today?

Northcraft Analytics is dedicated to putting robust Business Intelligence applications and methodologies in the hands of IT management.

To succeed, every function in an organization must establish business goals with specific, measurable target metrics. This is no different for the IT Department. Well-designed metrics serve both as an indicator of progress for management and as a clear prescription for action by front-line IT staff. In order to effectively manage IT infrastructure, a strategic use of metrics is imperative.

Northcraft’s Advanced Metrics for IT Service Management suite places the analytical platform that is available to other critical operational departments in the hands of IT managers. Each of our modules, designed specifically for one of the core IT processes, presents a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators and a suite of standard reports designed to quickly discover the root causes of performance, or lack thereof. The solution also provides an interface for building ad-hoc reports directly in your web browser or in Microsoft Excel™, delivering the most robust set of business intelligence metrics available for IT Service Management.

Move from implementation to value immediately. With the metrics that define IT Service success, managers can immediately target gains.

Each component of the analytics suite is geared toward uncovering value immediately. Dashboards identify problem areas and trends. The Standard Reporting Suite brings the root causes of performance to the surface. The Excel or web-based reporting environment provides the means for simple deeper analysis. The integration with Bomgar™ allows for immediate action. The end result is an environment where managers can move from idea to value in minutes.


  • Advanced Metrics-  Over 2,500 pre-calculated metrics and KPIs for ITIL Service Support, Delivery, Transition & Operations processes that are designed to be external and accurate.
  • Executive Dashboards-  Evaluate operational performance at a glance with executive dashboards. View as a standalone web page or integrate easily into SharePoint™, Tableau™, Power BI™, and many others.
  • Standard Report Suite-  Uncover value immediately with highly functional out of the box reports.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting- Build your own reports directly in a browser, Power BI™, or MS Excel ™ with our integrated reporting environment.

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